Mobile Sapiens Safari: Art and Storytelling with the Smartphone

a course with Amy Burvall. #mobilesapiens

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Early bird (before June 15th, 2018): $245 or $180 (students).

Team sign up is $990 for six people (saving $470 on the regular price).


The course runs between 9th July and 30th July 2018.

Who is this course for?

Are you an educator, trainer, learning designer or aspiring to become a creative practitioner? Then this course is for you.

Why is this course special?

Well, it's facilitated by Amy. You'll get to work closely with her and a small group of peers over a three week period. There will be live sessions with Amy and opportunities to get feedback, thoughts and collaboration directly from her.

It also uses technology to let you create and share in a way that we think represents a rare opportunity in online learning.

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About Amy

Amy Burvall lives and breathes creativity. She considers herself a professional dot-connector, frequent flâneuse, and itinerant artist. After 25 years in learning and development she is currently consulting, creating, and curating in the fields of creativity, visual thinking, and digital literacies. She was an early YouTuber with her History for Music Lovers project and remains an advocate of remix in learning. Her tagline, “the cloud is our campfire”, alludes to her passion for transparency and networked knowledge and curiosity.

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About this course

This 3 week course is really an experience in creativity. Experimenting with found art sharpens one’s senses and better prepares the mind for creative thinking - that is, connecting dots in unique ways. Each week focuses on a particular type of human/environment/technology interaction.

Enrollments are limited to 40 people at a time.

What are the course themes?

  • Wonder: the Wow in the Now
  • Metaphor
  • Perspective
  • Play
  • Remix and Re-contextualization
  • Power / Message
  • Story / Poignancy

How does this course work?

Each week there are curated resources to explore and question prompts for chats / vlogs / blogs. Most importantly, there are a host of challenges, each tagged with a unique tag for the task as well as a tag identifying the theme. Participants ultimately have choice - they are expected to try at least 5 of the challenges per week and share their creations to the group. It is encouraged, while sharing, to provide context and annotations in the form of a short narrative describing intention, process, troubleshooting, tool choice, etc. (aka “the backstory”).

The course is intended to foster a sense of collaborative creativity. Community-building is fostered through a weekly synchronous meeting, asynchronous chats and sharing, peer feedback to posts, and unique Twitter chats (1 per week) which involve games such as volleys, scavenger hunts, guessing games and “exquisite corpse”.

At the end of the course participants will design and present a culminating project drawing from their portfolio of work, exploring their favourite theme, and remixing the work of others. Participants who wish to do so are encouraged to design ways in which to implement some of the strategies and challenges in their own work (with students or a team) and share those ideas.

When does this course run?

The course runs between 25th June and 16th July 2018.


The course is based on the use of the smartphone (particularly the camera app) to interact with one’s environment and create unexpected art. A variety of tools are recommended but not necessary. This course is a wonderful opportunity to try out some new digital creation apps

A variety of analog materials may be used as well. Participants might want to have a sketchbook and pens or paint on hand, and magazines or newspapers to cut-up.

Is there any assessment?

There is no formal assessment though the culminating project showcasing the cumulative portfolio of work will receive feedback from Amy as well as peer feedback.

What about credentials?

Participants will earn a digital badge for participation. There will be a peer-voted ‘awards” at the end in which winners will receive special swag and a discount on Amy’s other courses.

Can I sign up now?

Absolutely, use the "Sign up" button to register.

I can't attend the course this time, can I register for the next offering?

Yes, use the form below. You will not be charged but you will be added to the list and we will contact you when the course is next offered.

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