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When is a learning designer a project manager?

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When is a learning designer a project manager? It is a question I have considered my entire career (well the part of it spent working in e-learning), and I am¬†revisiting it now as I’m looking for opportunities in e-learning project management. Very timely, I came across a recent publication by Intentional Futures (2016), a group funded by the Bill and …

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The Hows and Whats of an “Accomplished” LX Designer

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Accomplishment This post focuses on professional development and ways of gaining valuable skills you can apply to your work in LX design. Assuming a management role has shifted my work lens from “why and where” to “how and what.” Leading a talented team of learning designers is humbling, challenging, and more rewarding than I could have imagined. As we have …

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You just might be a Learning Experience Architect

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DM from Keith: Hey I’m looking for some input. Got a minute? I’ve been asked to take on a role that combines staff capability building in edtech with “exploring innovation”, whatever they mean by that. Specifically we are looking at new tech, tools, ¬†platforms and workflows for students and teachers. DM from me: What do you need? DM from Keith: …